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She gets annoyed quickly, but will only yell at you to shut up. Clockwork isn't sneaky or considered terrifying, but she is violent in her physical actions and almost never hesitates to do something. After all, your time is up Right eye - white and green. Left eye- white colour clock.

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Se hela listan på Clockwork has a lot of French blood in her veins however, she doesn't have an accent. She tends to spend a lot of time in a pine forest (she appreciates nature), and she hates Slender Man because he kills children. Clockwork loves children, she wants to protect them. Clockwork does not kill children, teenagers or people who want to end their lives. Clockwork Appearance. Clockwork has pale peach skin, long, messy brown hair, and bright green eyes.

. . Clockwork: We seem to almost be done here.

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She is currently 24-years-old. Clockwork's weapon consists of two large, serrated knives. Her Clockwork is also supernatural in a sense, with her incredible strength and love of pain, smiling when her brother attacks her and is seemingly unphased by it.

Clockwork creepypasta personality

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Clockwork creepypasta personality

174. People also love these ideas Jan 8, 2019 - Read Clock Work from the story Imagens de Creepypastas by PequenaElfa (LittleElf) with 1,454 reads. slenderman, ticcitoby, homicidalliu.

Clockwork creepypasta personality

This one is the most honest and Fact based quiz, so don't smash your computer if you don't get eyeless jack or Jeff the killer or what ever, Embrace Which creepy pasta you are and think about the Personality Fashion Creepypasta Jane The Killer Jeff The Killer Nina The Killer Nina Eyeless Jack Ej Toby Ticci Toby Ben Drowned Sally Williams Clockwork based on my personal headcanons!! there will be images + alt text for those images just in case your device can't see them/you use a screenreader. hope you guys enjoy the quiz :DD Hello guys and gals, Incorrect here, and as I was browsing around the wiki, I noticed a blog post that was made a long time ago and still garners a lot of attention.
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More from Lina Ahmile.

Answer: This Get ur fresh creepypasta heacanons, imagines, and matchups here! Clockwork: Soooo, do you want this back, or can I keep it? Sep 15, 2019 the creepypasta is possessing the reader and it's like a split personality in Jason The Toymaker & Clockwork: They're pretty meh about you  Aug 5, 2016 INTP: Ben Drowned, Lost Silver. ESTP: Jane The Killer.
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Well now you can!!! Either Jeff the killer, Slenderman, Laughing Jack, Sonic exe, or smile dog!!! (Mine is Slenderman lol) hehehe lets go! Se hela listan på Oct 15, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Winter Frost. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Sep 28, 2014 - Your time is up. See more ideas about clockwork, creepypasta characters, clockwork creepypasta.

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Clockwork Redraw. PreciousKnightwalker. 6 Comments.

They are personalities based off of the Creepypasta fanfiction the author writes on Instagram: Creepypast Clockwork has pale peach skin, long, dark brown hair, and formerly-hazel green eyes. Her eyes changing color was the result of drugs forcefully prescribed to her by an unknown doctor, only going by the name Mr. Scientist , that changed the pigment of her eyes from brown to green. Natalie Ouellette, or as she is more famously known as Clockwork, is one of the main supporting protagonists in the webcomic Pastamonsters.